Wacom Intuos 5

Intuos5 Review

The new Intuos5 impresses with its elegant design, but the focus point turns quickly when breathed life into the creative elements of the screen.

wacom intuos5

This drawing board redefines the way to work creativelyso that one can focus entirely onthe work.

Intuos5 is equipped with a host of new features that make work more intuitively and efficiently:

- Multi-touch function with user-defined shortcuts through multi-touch gestures

- The revolutionary "on screen” Express viewing

- The optional wireless accessory kit

- The new ergonomic soft-touch surface designed for maximum comfort

ExpressKeys and Touch Ring - both equipped with new touch features so you can “feel”the interaction with the program - or revolutionary Express View display on the screen.

No more unnecessary distractions. Just release your creative potential!

intuos5 mac

Another feature that enhances the workflow is the new multi-touch function. It supportsuser-defined shortcuts with three, four or five fingers.

Besides offering Intuos5 Grip Pen with 2048 pressure levels that provide a pen-on-paperfeel and Intuos 5 provides even more freedom through wireless Accessory Kit.
So if you are looking for more efficiency, productivity and precision are the new Intuos5the right tool for you.

Intuos5 - for the best creative freedom in the world!

Wacoms new Intuos5

As you may already have with you Wacom has launched the next generation pen tablet Intuos5The board is targeted at professional photographers, designers, artists and those who want to take digital imaging to the next level. New features include multi-touch support, Express View which allows for an efficient workflow and wireless function (option). Combined with Wacom’s renowned pressure-and tilt-sensitive pen, giving the board the possibility of highly accurate workflow compared to using the mouse. Intuos5 comes in 3 sizes, small, medium and large, respectively, 157 mm x 98 mm, 224 mm x 140 mm and 325 mm x 203 mm printing surface.

Multi-touch feature Intuos5 complements the pen that is natural to use the creative process. One of the distinct advantages of multi-touch support to zoom, scroll, pan and rotate digital content. Express buttons (6 on the small model and 8 medium and large) gives you quick access to functions much in the example. Photoshop.
In addition, the board equipped with a four-function Touch Ring. Here you can place the most frequently used shortcuts and commands right at your fingertips, and reduce dependence on the keyboard while increasing productivity. Ambidextrous design allows the board to use for both right-and left-handed users by simply turning the board 180 degrees.
To help you remember your pre-programmed functions, you can just add finger lightly over the appropriate function button, and you will instantly appear on the screen of the settings associated with the button.

Intuos5 Grip Pen remains the heart and soul of the board. Intuos5 pen registers 2048 levels of pen pressure for up to 60 degrees angle of the pen. It also has a pressure-sensitive eraser and two small switches that can be customized for commands such as double clicking and right clicking.

With Intuos5, Wacom expands its offering for wireless connectivity. Now, all sizes of Intuos5 converted to a wireless tablet, install the wireless accessory kit. The kit includes a rechargeable battery that charges from USB port, an RF module that connects to the board and a receiver that plugs into a USB port on your computer.